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This page could be entitled 'Profiles' except it's more than that. This is about you, perhaps a short profile, but also a resume of your motorcycle ownership and, if you're so inclined, a link to your motorcycling or travel blog. In fact anything that's about you and may be of interest to the rest of us. (Especially pictures, ideally with captions!)
Godfrey Potter (Godders) - Former Southern Section Chairman


Bob Melvin  - Southern Section Webmaster
Susan Melvin - Southern Section Treasurer

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Bob Denman


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Greg & Eve Smith

Richard Tavener

James Seller - Southern Section Past Chairman
John Chandler - Former Membership Secretary
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Want to plan your future trips? Here's the 2020 Diary. (Click on the image to download the PDF to a new page - requires PDF Reader)
Jim Bettley - Section Chairman and National Committee Rep