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It's that time of year again!
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Southern Section Charity Collection 2020
Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance
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Colin at Redline Clothing is now open for business post CV-19. Please support him with your regalia orders. (We do get a commission from your orders to support the Club).
2021 Kick-Off Calendar

Let's face it, a significant part of 2020 has been something of a write-off for all things social. Uniquely, therefore, we have started to assemble next year's Calendar of Events a little earlier than usual. This is a .PDF file of a spreadsheet designed so that you can download it and print to stick on your fridge door.  Keep your eyes peeled, we will be updating this pretty frequently and you can choose your outings in advance.

Just click here or on the photo to download
Hitting a moving target

What seems like a lifetime ago we had a programme for the year's events with places to look forward to riding to. Following the recent announcements by the Government however, we no longer have much concrete to anticipate with everything effectively reverting to a virtual lockdown.

For the foreseeable future, any ride-out promoted by the Club and published on the website will have to include the caveat of 'subject to prevailing Government guidelines.

Unfortunately, the Club's hands are tied but we will keep you abreast of situations as they change.
News and Events
Thoughts from the Webster
Sitting here on a wet Saturday afternoon, thoughts of getting out on the bike are foremost in my mind. One problem is the draconian terms of the current lockdown. Some of you may recall my (borrowed) posting on FaceBook offering a solicitor’s advice on this subject. White Dalton, the motorcycle law specialists, have updated their advice in light of changes to the full lockdown. In essence, DON’T!  The blog is worth a read even if you didn’t already have doubts.
///venue.bookshop.surreal Home of a celebrity author
There will be a time when things start to improve with regard to getting out and about. I suspect that there will be relaxation of the regulations rather than sudden and complete freedom (if only!) and in anticipation of this, I have been having a few thoughts about places that may be early places to visit in alone or in small groups. If you can think of others, please let me have the details.

Get Lost?
In connection with the idea of some alternative destinations, I have also had thoughts about finding them. As those of you who have ridden ride-outs with me leading, you’ll know that I have a unique ability to get lost. So looking for a means of finding places, I have been watching the development of What 3 Words. If you’re unfamiliar, the idea is that using the What 3 Words app, the world is divided in 3 metre squares with each having a unique 3 word reference. As an example, ///healthier.pillow.trails is the entrance to the Seven Stars car park in Ripley.
I can almost hear the ‘So what’. The advantage to this system is that if a venue has multiple entrances, it is possible to identify which entrance you’re supposed to be meeting at.
Equally, if you’re looking for friends in a crowded place (remember those?) you can get within 3 metres of each other.
Realising that BMWs are uber reliable, but if you’re stranded somewhere, the breakdown and emergency services are increasingly using this app to find you. So, in the middle of a dark, desolate roadside, there’s a chance that you identify your exact location. 
I suspect the real trick is to become familiar with the app through regular use and it will become second nature.
Destination by W3W
Winchester Distillery – one for the gin lovers, a visit to a distillery in the area.
Batemans, the Tudor manor house that Rudyard Kipling made his home when he emigrated from his native India, gives an fascinating insight into a superstar author whose success included influence in Government circles. A National Trust property worth a visit.
Reigate Caves, a secret location in the centre of Reigate. The opening times may be a bit erratic even out of lockdown, so check before setting out!
Ditchling Beacon, 248 metres above sea level is the highest point in East Sussex with breath taking vistas around the countryside. This is another National Trust property and it may attract parking charges for non-members.
East Beach Café is Littlehampton’s unique, beach-front, fish n chip café and take away housed in a stunning piece of architecture designed by Thomas Heatherwick whose other work includes the glass house at the Bombay Sapphire Distillery. (Only a slight re-occurring theme here!)
These are just a few ideas for ride-outs. If you can offer further suggestions that are a little out of the ordinary and may not be suitable larger groups, please let me know.
///pass.locals.hardly - Rock and chips anyone?