If you wish to contact a member of the Committee, please use these details.

Dean Carpenter
E: chairman@thebmwclubsouthern.com

Social Secretary:
Erica Body
E: social@thebmwclubsouthern.com

Social Assistant:
Gerri Chandler
E: social.assistant@thebmwclubsouthern.com

Membership Secretary:
Lesley Smith
E: membership@thebmwclubsouthern.com

Mark Hoskins
E: treasurer@thebmwclubsouthern.com

Nick van Zeggeren
E: webmaster@thebmwclubsouthern.com

National Committee Representative:
Jim Bettley
E: ncr@thebmwclubsouthern.com

General members:
Terry Hartshorn
Mike Cross
Bob Melvin
Mike Smith

Godfrey Potter